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Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Spring in Minnesota


May 1st, the tulips that I bought at the last Indoor Farmer's Market were coming to their last days.  And incredibly beautiful on the inside.

Around my house, the tulips were not blooming yet.  The hyacinth were coming:

It was still quite cold--not much color on the branches of the trees yet.

I'm still wearing a wool sweater.  Happy for sun! Squinty eyes

Scilla, the little blue flowers symbolize loyalty, fidelity and constancy.  The work on the land, in our relationships, in our homes.


Got my bike out for the first rides of the season; early May is still very brown.

May 8th, warmer for a hike up to the Ice Park and found a little bloodroot.  It's about 3" tall.











The hike up to Sugarloaf had a bit of color with the yellow bellworts, an early spring native flower. 

Fringe tulips from my friends at Windy Ridge selling at the first outdoor Farmer's Market.

The fringe tulips inner beauty.

The cherry blossoms in all their splendor on the east end of the big lake.


Setting sun.  These beautiful days. Breathe in their beauty.  With the heat spike of last week, many early flowers had one day.  Breathe it in.  More next week!

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Release Ritual down by the River













I wandered across the Mississippi River to do a "Good bye and Release Ritual."  My daughter's father had passed on to the next world on October 31, 2014.  I didn't get to say good bye. I also wanted to honor the art and music that he brought into the world.  I wanted to share some of my truths about our time together and forgive him for hurts I encountered and ask for his forgiveness as well.  I decided earlier this year that I would do it this October 31, 2021.

This beautiful sign welcomes visitors to Aghaming Park and Natural Area.  There is a beach here to the right and a path that winds along the river to end where the river cuts across the land in a canoe trail.

In May 2021, I did a Sacred Creativity Ritual in this area and I wondered if I could find this place again. I was in luck and I did find the area.  This beautiful tree is standing.  The log where I sat was there. Many other trees came down during this year.

I called in my ancestors, my Grandmother and Mother and the energy of the four directions.  Then I did a dance.

I wore my butterfly cape in the dance.













The altar I created in the leaves on the ground.  The leaves on the trees are yellow at this Autumn time of year.  In May the leaves were just forming a soft green.

After I spoke my words to release any energy that I didn't want or need into some leaves that  I gathered up. I took them to the river and floated them away.  It was gentle and also powerful release.

I closed the ritual with leaving a bit of nuts and seeds as a gratitude offering for being in this space.

I walked back feeling very light and peaceful.


If you'd like to see how the park looked in May, look at the Sacred Creativity Ritual. 


May we all walk lightly on this Earth.

Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Art of Fine Furniture 2021

 The Art of Fine Furniture 2021 was held in the Winona County Historical Museum.  

Some of the works took my breath away due to their beauty and the skill of the fine wood workers/artists. Some art works were filled with whimsy and all were finely crafted and designed.

This whimsical piece is called "Dali Plays Stravinsky" by Roger Knudson

"Dali Plays Stravinsky" by Roger Knudson (Close Up)










Figured Cherry Night Stands by Chris Carroll

I love the swirls of the cherry wood on the front of these doors.


Mark Laub "Shooting Star" is filled with doors that open and drawers to be explored. He gathers his inspiration from succulent plants, butterfly wings, coral, Art Deco jewelry and more.

Chicago Table by Stephanie Lunieski

The Chicago table originated for a sketch that Stephanie drew while studying her guitar. During rapid prototyping, it took on qualities of a suspension bridge.  As such, every design element plays off the tension in the wires.  The legs are joined at angles, as are the curved laminated stretchers.










Ribbon Table by Craig Jentz

This coffee table is made of mahogany vertical slats of wood coopered together to form an undulating ribbon. 

A wonderful show.  Enjoy many wonderful offerings of the Winona History Center .  Hope to see you threre soon.

Friday, November 5, 2021

Torn Paper Poems in Windom Park by Marcie Radliff



Marcie Radliff had an idea, "What would it be like to write poems with other people in a place?"  She got a grant to invite people of Winona to write poetry with her.  She had pop up locations such as Levee Park, the East End Recreational Center, the Public Library to bring the invitation.

She had her capstone project to read some of her poems and share discussion on October 9, 2021. Some poems were placed around the park to read.











Write here announced the writing in place project.

I typed out a few of her poems with Marcie's permission for you to read:

Orange paper poem:

What I want to know is

What in nature is all straight lines, all corners, not curvature, no variation:

not the wind

not the river's edge, washed

and tickled by current and eddy

not even a blade of grass

only these street corners, lampposts,

walls, railings, that impose

a grid on the earth

cornices proclaiming how precise we are
















I stand on the shifting sand

am myself a sand dune

not a monolith--

connected, ever reaching

and spreading


now a cliff, now a valley

now a wrinkled hill

with a wave pattern 

that mimics the sea 

or the sea floor

or the ridges of a thumprint

bark of an old tree



in a strong wind

I bear witness to the undersides

of leaves:

what is delicate about us

what we rarely show

what happens when we are tossed and the air the ground the water


and what was once stable--

bottom, top--

is not,

we hold on

by these tiny tendrils


Marcie gathering up all of her poem boards and laughing



Some friends enjoying Marcie's beautiful work.

Read more of Marcie's art: Torn Paper Poems






Sunday, October 24, 2021

Art and Nature at Bluffside Park, Winona


Shift Happens at Bluffside Park in Winona, Minnesota.  Sarah Johnson and Marcie Ratliff shared art opportunities. This event was curated by Sharon Mansur.

Sharon Mansur and Sarah Johnson at the beginning of the experience.  We were invited to take a breath and notice the area around us and then follow the signs for the adventure--that we could participate in or pass.

Follow the arrows:





Creating installations with colorful leaves and sticks was fun.




Sticks, leaves, pipe-cleaners, googly eyes and puff balls were fun to play with.

Then write a message on the ground to share with friends?

Be U!


Hi Beautiful

You Can Do It


I Love You  


Jamie and Dawn created with me today.

 Sharon Mansur, Dancer, Creative

Marcie Ratliff, Torn Paper Poems, Engage Winona

Sarah Johnson, Creative Laurette






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