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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Musing in August

The morning light over the Mississippi river today was so lovely.  The sun was up, a bit hidden behind some clouds and creating this pink light.  The breeze was blowing and the birds seemed to be delighting in the air and light as well.

 Movement is one of the things that feeds my being.  Lately, in my Nia classes, we've been dancing a routine called Deep Dive created by Winalee Zeeb.  It is all about flow and water as life.

Here's part of the path that I walk or I run.  I'm playing with the idea of running.  I remember how much fun it was as a kid.  Now, it is more a half hearted attempt.  I love to take pictures along the way and stop and feel the breeze or look at the water.  Maybe it is really a whole hearted way to walk/run.

I walk off the dike, passed the marina, and then on Hamilton.  It is being upgraded and I've feared for my friend's flowers on the corner of Hamilton and 4th.  She was so brave and talked with the construction people and told them that these flowers were from her mother and her grandmother and give many people great joy.  They agreed to work with her.  She moved some flowers and they moved carefully on her boulevard.

It rained last night and the leaves were filled with water.  When the breeze blew, it sent a little blessing all over me and the land.  I breathe in the day and I'm grateful.



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