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Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Vision Board

At the beginning of the new year, its a good time to assess how is life going along and what do I need to change.  Some people do it in the form of New Year's resolutions, others with Chinese New Year, others with making of a Vision Board, others with dancing in their intentions or making a fire.

I collect images from magazines and old calendars and stuff that I find in junk stores.  I have lots of things.  This was a good way to clear some things and recycle the images that are no longer important to me.  I had not made a Vision Board in a long time.  It was fun to begin.

What is collage anyway?  Here's an entry when I was creating Soul Collage cards to give you an idea about collage.

Here's the last vision board that I created.  I like how the colors move around the frame.  I pinned up a big flower that I painted at a Barefoot Bliss Weekend that I attended in Michigan. 

I brought the frame down off the wall and took everything off.  It was a little sad to do--I wondered if I could make another one that I liked.  Would it be as good?  Or would it be junk?  Oh--there go those racing thoughts.  I had to tell myself, "Cancel, Clear," and I started over.  "I'm going to make it.  It will be what is to come next.  No judgement about good, better best."

I have a few projects that I'm thinking about.  I put all of these beautiful fabrics in a pile to use.

More images.  I cut some with the scissors and some I cut with the paper cutter.  I love that tool.

Here's the final board for 2019.  Dance, movement, art, nature, love of life, change, people.           Life as Art.  It is good.  I kept the saying above the board, "I am strong and powerful and speak my truth with clarity."  I like this new board.  It speaks to me of hope!


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