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Friday, November 23, 2018

All Minnesota State Parks Free on the Day After Thanksgiving

After lots of delicious food on Thanksgiving, we like to get outside and hike the trails at a state park just down river from us.

This year the weather was mild but a bit overcast.  I think that kept some outdoor enthusiasts away this year.  Last year the weather was warm and sunny and lovely and we saw lots of people.

We hiked the trail out to Kings Bluff.

Bob and I played with taking photos.

Bob changing lenses for a wider photo view.

The Mississippi River

A sneak selfie of Bob and I

The planted evergreens.  The wind blowing through their branches sounds like the trees are singing.

A real selfie and we're both smiling!

Finishing up our hike with a picnic lunch.  Food always tastes better outside.  Gratitude for trees and land, and air and good food and loving people around me.


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