Sunday, October 24, 2021

Art and Nature at Bluffside Park, Winona


Shift Happens at Bluffside Park in Winona, Minnesota.  Sarah Johnson and Marcie Ratliff shared art opportunities. This event was curated by Sharon Mansur.

Sharon Mansur and Sarah Johnson at the beginning of the experience.  We were invited to take a breath and notice the area around us and then follow the signs for the adventure--that we could participate in or pass.

Follow the arrows:





Creating installations with colorful leaves and sticks was fun.




Sticks, leaves, pipe-cleaners, googly eyes and puff balls were fun to play with.

Then write a message on the ground to share with friends?

Be U!


Hi Beautiful

You Can Do It


I Love You  


Jamie and Dawn created with me today.

 Sharon Mansur, Dancer, Creative

Marcie Ratliff, Torn Paper Poems, Engage Winona

Sarah Johnson, Creative Laurette





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