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Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Know Life











Know Life gets it's title from the Vincent Van Gogh quote, 

"The way to KNOW LIFE is to Love  many things." 

This quote resonates with me; I love the arts: music, dance, 

theatre, visual arts, film, spoken word, poetry, literature and 

writing of all sorts.  All the arts enrich our lives and fill us up.

We need the arts in times like these when some of our ways 

to connect with others are more limited. 

Here's how this art quilt came together.  I live in SE Minnesota 

with lots of bluff land surrounding me and the Mississippi River 

flows a few blocks from my house.  I appreciate this land so much 

for its raw beauty and how the light lands on it to create 

a new image every day and in every season.

Here's an image of the stitch drawing close up.  

The bit of blue stitching represents water.

This close up is the pop of color with yellows 

and greens and a variety of thread colors.








Here's the text with a white paint pen before I stitched 

over the text.  I decided that I'd stitch over the 

writing to pop the color more.

Signed and dated 2-2021 with gold pen.

Back of the quilt with a hanging device and card 

with details about the quilt.  It's interesting to see all the 

texture created with the machine drawing.

This art quilt is currently showing at the Lanesboro Arts Center in Lanesboro, Minnesota.


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