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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Kindness & Light












 The light within you burns bright.  You are filled with this light and it glows out into the world.  You have much to share with others in the world.  Don’t be afraid.  I’m here.  I’m glowing within you.  You radiate power.    Your  essence grows stronger in knowing every moment.  The time is now to step into your Divine light.  Do not falter.  You are amazing and full and beautiful within.  Some of the parts of you are growing older; do not be afraid. You are going after ways to support your human body.  And your thoughts on exercise, movement and life practice grow stronger every day. Your art practice grows stronger every day. Keep present.  Let us go forward.


The light shines in.

Up top Sugar Loaf, Winona, Minnesota

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Thoughts and Musings in this Time

As I reflect on all the things that I love to do and share, a great realization that many of my posts are about the beauty of people and friends gathering.  I've felt a deep grief for all of these loves of my life needing to do social distancing or being on a pause for a time.  Farmer's Markets, theatres and live performances, getting together with friends, and teaching children in schools are just a few.

I get to have these feelings and I'm learning how to have another way to think about this time: a re- frame my thinking.

Some additional powerful language:

Let's be compassionate with ourselves and one another.  Let's show kindness to all beings.   And when we need to reach out to others for support, go after that support.  Let's trust in ourselves and one another. Let's remind ourselves that this will pass and we'll come out stronger together.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Be Kind

This is a four part heart created by 8 students of various ages, Kindergarten through 5th Grade in Homeroom.  We had just finished this one, and Naser was holding it in place.  He was very pleased with the colorful out come!

At Ridgeway Community School, homeroom is an afternoon every couple of months that we come together as families--all siblings in a family or individual students of mixed age levels.  Our Kindergarten through 5th graders all work together on a project or learn something about our theme. Our theme of Kindness continues for this year.  Each homeroom group created two hearts in four parts each.  Various combinations of children and adults worked together to create patterns and then color in the pattern.  They were very careful and considerate. The idea was originally created by Cassie Stephen's, a generous art teacher in Tennessee. Here are some photos from Mrs. Johnson's group working together.

    Sawyer and J.J. working together.                                                           

 Willa and Johanna creating together with Malia and Delaney looking on.  Mrs. Johnson was coloring too.  In the background of this photo with Mrs. Johnson, you can see Cassie Stephen's post, that has a video tutorial to help everyone learn how to do this fun collaborative art activity.                                                                                                                            

Delaney and Elan working patterns.

 Naser and Abdullah working together.

    Malia and Payton beginning.
 Celia and Marcus making patterns.

 Malia and Payton's part of the heart complete.

Malia and Delaney with Elan in back.  Great working together.

About a week later, I got them all up on the front bulletin board. The top image is the whole mural. The lower picture has the 'D'  and two hearts missing, but it's a bit clearer in detail. A total of 12 hearts and 6 letters spelling "Be Kind."  A big thanks to Cassie Stephen's for her wonderful sharing of this art activity.  I was lots of fun!

You may be interested in another Kindness activity that we worked on earlier this year.

"Be Kind," that is a good reminder for all of us.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Kindness At Ridgeway Community School

Each year at Ridgeway Community School, we celebrate a theme that brings our school community together to learn, grow, and value one another a little deeper.  This year the theme is Kindness.  Two of our teachers, Jennifer Krings and Danielle Helms made bracelets for all the teachers and staff.  Then they created "Be Kind" bracelets for all the students.  The students received these at the first homeroom of the 2018 -2019 school year in September.

Homeroom is an afternoon every couple of months that we come together as families--all siblings in a family or individual students of mixed age levels.  Our Kindergarten through 5th graders all work together on a project or learn something about our theme.  During this afternoon, we began to create squares for a Kindness quilt.

Some ways the children showed kindness in action.

We have lots of opportunities to show kindness.  And sometimes we make mistakes and have to say, "I'm sorry," and work on a different way to show kindness.  We're all a work in progress--the children and the adults.  It's good to have lots of opportunities.


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