Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Spring in Minnesota


May 1st, the tulips that I bought at the last Indoor Farmer's Market were coming to their last days.  And incredibly beautiful on the inside.

Around my house, the tulips were not blooming yet.  The hyacinth were coming:

It was still quite cold--not much color on the branches of the trees yet.

I'm still wearing a wool sweater.  Happy for sun! Squinty eyes

Scilla, the little blue flowers symbolize loyalty, fidelity and constancy.  The work on the land, in our relationships, in our homes.


Got my bike out for the first rides of the season; early May is still very brown.

May 8th, warmer for a hike up to the Ice Park and found a little bloodroot.  It's about 3" tall.











The hike up to Sugarloaf had a bit of color with the yellow bellworts, an early spring native flower. 

Fringe tulips from my friends at Windy Ridge selling at the first outdoor Farmer's Market.

The fringe tulips inner beauty.

The cherry blossoms in all their splendor on the east end of the big lake.


Setting sun.  These beautiful days. Breathe in their beauty.  With the heat spike of last week, many early flowers had one day.  Breathe it in.  More next week!

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