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Saturday, July 17, 2021

Cat Naps

 Can you cat nap?  I'm not a person who naps easily.  I think that I need to take lesson from my cats.

June 1st rolled around and it was instantly hot in Minnesota.  These cats took full advantage to sleep as much as possible.

Tara on the back of the couch on a favorite quilt.

Norris sleeping on a bag on a chair.  He had a habit of not supporting his head, and had fallen off the chair when his head got too heavy and upset his balance in his sleep.

Tara helping in the studio.  What a good girl.

My friend's cat.  Life is good when you can sleep in an elevated basket!

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Cat Silliness


Tara is resting a bit before playing the mandolin.  She is sitting on the pillow with the mandolin.

She played the mandolin and then needs to clean her paw. (I missed the photo of her playing.)












Norris is hanging out inside a paper bag.

He was in there for awhile; he needed a big stretch!

Is it time to eat?  He's wondering.








When Tara's not playing mandolin, she's hanging out in my studio.  She likes this fabric that I was preparing for a border.  This cat has good taste.

 What are your cats or animals up to?




Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Norris and Tara

These two kitties have been our friends for a few years.  We adopted them from the Winona Humane Society.  They lived in the same bay, and are almost the same age.  Tara, the tiger cat had an owner who got ill and couldn't keep a cat any longer.  Norris was a member of a large litter and the only one who did not get adopted.  Maybe he was waiting for us.

Tara likes to watch bird T.V. out this east window.

Norris and I

They sleep by each other when they are chilly.

Summertime, hot weather and the kitties are still hanging close to me.  They were keeping me company as my broken elbow was healing during the summer of 2018.

Lots of sleeping going on to remind us to stay calm.  Everything's going to be alright.


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