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Sunday, December 10, 2017

Birthday Times 2017

"Today is your birthday," a Beatles' song that I love.  And today is my birthday.  I love my birthday.  It is a good time to gather with friends, eat cake, go out for some great dinner or dance.  This year, the celebrating happened over this whole weekend.  My daughter and I and her sister-in-law, Tammy got together yesterday and played in Red Wing, Minnesota.  In the evening, Bob and I had some lovely dinner and chatted and listened to music and had a low key time.  Friday evening, Nia dancing, a sauna with my good friend, Jacque, a Nia instructor; and then Bob and I gathered with some friends to listen to music.  I feel so very blessed.

Amaliya, my daughter and I

Bob and I and Noris--Tara took a little scaddle, she must have been shy of the camera. 

Chocolate cake made by Bob

And these are past greetings that were posted on Facebook and they just made me smile again.
I sure have a lot of wonderful friends.


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