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Friday, January 15, 2016

A Baby Quilt for Cameron Thomas

In 2016 two beautiful babies were born in our family.  Their parents are my nephews and their sweethearts/wifes--now parents of these beauties.   Elsie Hegge Stuber, was born September 10, 2015 at 3:02 pm, 7 pounds 6 oz, 20 inches.  Her quilt will be  filled with mountains and a river.  It is in the design phase.

                                                                     Lea, Mark & Elsie

Cameron Thomas Stuber was born December 6, 2015 at 5:06am.  He weighed in at 6 pounds 13 oz.

                                                                 Thomas, Jenny and Cameron

Here are some images of his quilt.  I cut apart of panel of delightful winter creatures that look playful and loving.

I had bought many coordinating fabrics that were intended to be part of this quilt.  In the end, I choose one calm background, a coordinating binding fabric and went out and bought some flannel to make it very cozy.

Here is the quilt top complete:

Here are a few close up details:

Here is the quilt top and back completed:

Love label added last.  

Here is Cameron Thomas wrapped in his new quilt.  Photo thanks to his mother, Jenny Stuber.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

New Baby: Welcome Gwenyth Baby Quilt

We have a new baby in our family:  Gwenyth Elizabeth Grandon.  She is the baby daughter of Angela and Zach.  She was born September 17, 2014 at 1:28am.  She weighed 7 pounds 1 ounce and her length was 18 inches long at her birth.

A tradition that I've begun is to create a baby quilt for my nieces and nephews new babies.  This is a fun project that allows me to think thoughts of love for the new baby and the parents and all of our family.  It is often a very joyous time.  Our family is very big—Bob, my husband has 11 siblings and their children are all creating families.  My daughter and sibling’s children have not started families; that may be in the future.

Sometimes I ask the parents for an idea about colors for the baby quilt.  Sometimes, I have an idea that I think will work.  I always hope these handmade quilts are used and well received.  

Angela and Zach were interested in colors of pink and grey.  I went on the search for fabric with my friend and sister-in-law, Ruth Rosimo last summer during a visit to Portland, Oregon.  We found this very cute fabric.

100% Cotton flannel fabric, with cotton batting.  Machine stitched.

Size: 42” x 52”

 Close up detail of Gwenyth's quilt.

Sweet growing and sleeping, dear Gwenyth. 

Friday, July 4, 2014

Vincent Quilt

On June 17, 2014, Vincent Gabrielle Marco was born.  In celebration of this new little one in our family, I made a quilt of bright colors to welcome him.

Here's a bit of the creative process with the making.  I asked Correy, Vincent's mother what color scheme she would like.  She suggested bright colors or camouflage--I got excited about brights.

And then she had a pattern that she was excited about too.  The pattern is a Theresa Porter design found in the Make It Yourself issue of Better Homes and Gardens Special Interest Publications, 2012.  Wow, way to go to make it easy!  

Stitching  1/4 inch seams for connecting the pieces.

In this piece of fabric, the little bears and the chicks wear chef's hats.  The fabric tells a story of Cotty.

The strips are coming together.

A detail of the story fabric: "The soup which Cotty made is very delicious." A simple drawing of a skillet and a fried egg. "Seasoning are salt, pepper, and honey." A chick wearing a chef's hat. "A burning hot fried egg is especially delicious."  Cotty is holding an ice cream cone.

I number the strips in the order that I want them.  This keeps my color selections working together.  And it is less confusing.

A hand written label stitched on the back: 
Vincent Gabrielle, June 17, 2014, Love you, Auntie Mary Lee

Flannel was used for the batting to create a lighter weight quilt for this summer baby.
I machine quilted it in the ditch (sewing along the seams of the pieced fabrics) and some free motion around the little kids in the strips.
Completed quilt with blue binding.  
Finished size: 37.5" x 64"



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