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Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Art of Fine Furniture 2021

 The Art of Fine Furniture 2021 was held in the Winona County Historical Museum.  

Some of the works took my breath away due to their beauty and the skill of the fine wood workers/artists. Some art works were filled with whimsy and all were finely crafted and designed.

This whimsical piece is called "Dali Plays Stravinsky" by Roger Knudson

"Dali Plays Stravinsky" by Roger Knudson (Close Up)










Figured Cherry Night Stands by Chris Carroll

I love the swirls of the cherry wood on the front of these doors.


Mark Laub "Shooting Star" is filled with doors that open and drawers to be explored. He gathers his inspiration from succulent plants, butterfly wings, coral, Art Deco jewelry and more.

Chicago Table by Stephanie Lunieski

The Chicago table originated for a sketch that Stephanie drew while studying her guitar. During rapid prototyping, it took on qualities of a suspension bridge.  As such, every design element plays off the tension in the wires.  The legs are joined at angles, as are the curved laminated stretchers.










Ribbon Table by Craig Jentz

This coffee table is made of mahogany vertical slats of wood coopered together to form an undulating ribbon. 

A wonderful show.  Enjoy many wonderful offerings of the Winona History Center .  Hope to see you threre soon.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The Art of Fine Furniture Goes to Rochester, Minnesota

Bird Cabinet by Linda Sue Eastman 

Join artists and friends for an opening reception of the Art of Fine Furniture in Rochester, Minnesota,  on August 19 at 1-3pm at Cascade Meadow Wetlands and Environmental Science Center, 2900 19th St. NW, Rochester. 

"The Art of Fine Furniture," an exhibit of studio furniture creations by artists from Minnesota and Wisconsin, which has been showing at the Winona History Center through the summer 2017 and will open Saturday, August 19th at Cascade Meadow Wetlands and Environmental Science Center, 2900 19th St. NW, Rochester.  Additional fine art will be part of this show, according to Jamie Schell.

It was a bit of synchronicity that I got to see this show--it was extended one week.  And just as I was looking, my friend, Mary Alice came by and told me that I could open the doors on the jewelry cases.  Oh, how amazing to see all the intricacy that Mark Laub used with his design.

I appreciate  his statement, "Once inside, this piece reaffirms that, as in all life, true beauty lies within."   

This show is filled with true beauty.  I have great appreciation for seeing all of this fine art.  Thank you Jamie Schell and all of the artists in this show.

The Art of Fine Furniture

The Queen of Slipstream by Mark Laub

This beautiful wood piece is created to intrigue the eye and then to explore deeper.  The flower top spins upward to reveal the mosaic inside.

 Flower top spinning

Mosaic inside

Smaller drawers come out the side and off the top.

Open the top for more hidden beauty
 Closed top

And looking closer at the bottom, I find another treasure.

Just a couple more days in Winona, Minnesota at the History Center then the show goes to Rochester, Minnesota.  Hope you take a look. 

Here's the write up from the Winona County Historical Society.  Click the link below to learn more about the artists and the Art of Fine Furniture.  The Art of Fine Furniture is free and open to the public.

"The Art of Fine Furniture 2017,  June 17 - August 17 (extended a week!)  Slaggie Family Lobby, History Center
We are getting excited to bring you the 5th annual Art of Fine Furniture! This popular exhibit is curated with new pieces each year by local studio furniture maker and artist, Jamie Schell. For 2017 we will take a look at inspiration. What inspires artists, craftsmen, buyers, designers, and you...what influences throughout history have impacted inspiration for design?
Save the date for the Opening Reception to be held Saturday, June 17 from 1 - 3 p.m. Many of the artists will be there to visit with and it is a festive time downtown with Steamboat Days in full swing too! More information about the artists, workshops and programs can be found at! Sponsored by Winona National Bank and funded in part by the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund of the Minnesota Legacy Fund through SEMAC." 



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