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Thursday, May 30, 2019

Art Show and Spring Concert at RCS

May is always a busy time and change is in the air.  To add to that excitement, we have an Art Show, Spring Concert and Book Fair all at the beginning of May at Ridgeway Community School. 

    Mixed art by 2nd & 3rd Grade Artists

    Zinnias inspired by artist Clementine Hunter by 4th & 5th grade artists

    Cardinals, turtles, Pete the cats by 1st Grade Artists

     Mixed art by Kindergarten artists

    The song, "Imagine," by John Lennon inspired this art by 2nd and 3rd grade artists.

One song in the Spring Concert had sign language done by three fifth grade students, Kayleigh, Naser and Payton with  them wearing white gloves and a black light illuminated their gestures. Kinders backs in the foreground quite enthralled.

The entrance into the Art and Music room that Jill Rae Ahrens and I share.

    Jill Rae and I after the evening concert.

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Sleeping Kitty & Miniature Pillow

 The 4th & 5th grade students stitched a sleeping cat with a little pillow.  The cats are made of felt. The pillow is woven cloth.

They gave their cat a name and wrote it on a name plate with their name.

 Focused stitchers, Naser, Payton, and Cooper, 5th graders.

   A basket and a box of sleeping cat supplies.

 The beginning with some faces and tails stitched on and eyes colored in with fabric markers.

 Hunter, Kole and Elijah stuffing their cats.

Kole and Lanie stitching.

                     Kayla, 4th grader stitching.  Lots of good focus on this creating.  It was lots of fun!

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Stitching Penguins with 2nd and 3rd Grade Students

We stitched some cute little penguins with the 2nd and 3rd grade students.  They were reading books about penguins and it was fun to learn how to create a form through stitching.  These were created about of felt with a running stitch.

 Piney by Aidan

Happy Feet by Khloe

              Each student gave thier penguin and name and put a name plate near their penguin.

        We displayed these cuties in our library for everyone to have a look at a little cuteness.

Here's a tutorial to create your own penguin softie.
Have fun!


Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Stitching Tooth Fairy Pillows

The Kindergarten and First Graders are beginning to loose their teeth and their new permanent teeth are growing in.  To help the tooth fairy locate the lost tooth, the students stitched a pillow with a pocket for the tooth.

I cut out 36 pairs of fabric, 8" x 11" for the pillow and the pocket measured 4" by 3.5."  I pressed the pockets and sewed the hem on the top of the pocket for ease in stitching them on to the pillow.
That was the children's first step.

They learned about a pin and a needle and how to thread the needle and create a running stitch.

I asked the members of my quilter's guild if anyone would like to help the little one's learn to stitch.  I had some wonderful people help the children.

 Betty helping Ingrid; Sue helping Breydon. Kathy, one table over helping Ryder, Elijah, Rozella and Cooper L.

 Carol helping Nora. At the front table Ann is helping Ashton, Hunter and Cooper B.

The first graders are stitching on the first day. Lots of focus with Ann helping Ashton; Bailey hleping Abdullah, Sue in foreground and Carol with her back to the camera.

    Susan helping Delacey.

On the next day, the children learned about stitching the two pieces with the right sides together and leaving one side open to turn it to the right side out and stuff the pillow. Ann helping Ingrid, Cole and Ava.

           Arianna is almost complete.

    Carol is helping Evelyn.

                      Eisley, Kindergartener is very proud of her work.

                      Zoey, Kinder is thrilled with her tooth fairy pillow.

                     Koen, Kindergartener is stitching.

                            Another proud Kinder, Delaney with her pillow.

    Sue helping Superman, Owen, Kindergartner.

 Kathy helping Creedence, Kindergarten.  He is very determined.

                                   Lane, Kindergartner is testing his pillow.  He's pleased.

 Jake, Kindergartner got his finished.

 Abdullah, first grader, taking a little rest.

 A group of first graders, Rozella, Ashton, Breydon, Abdullah with their pillows.

 Nora, 1st grader tickled pink.

 Aiden, 1st grader proud of his handiwork.

 Delacey, first grader feeling pleased.

Our first grade students with their tooth fairy pillows and Kathy, Sue, Cindy, Carol and Susan, some of the wonderful volunteers who helped them have so much success.  What bright smiles of happiness. 

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Alice in Wonderland at Ridgeway Community School

    Prairie Fire Children's Theater came to Ridgeway Community School and worked with the children for five days and they put on Alice in Wonderland.  It was full of song and dance and lots of frolicking about. 

 The dodo bird and two other birds

The playing cards

Alice talking to the white rabbit.


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