About Me

Breeze on my skin is visual blog about topics ranging from art, dance, music, literature, design, nature, the Earth, friendships, people, the human body, emotions, relationships, and more.  I’m a dancer and a mixed media artist and a teacher. 

I practice the movement forms Nia, Pilates, barre and contact dance as a personal practice, and as a teacher/instructor. I teach adults the joy of movement through Nia, Barre, and Pilates classes. Find MaryLee's Nia classes.

In my mixed media art, I use dyed and painted fabrics, papers, text & images, threads, beads and found objects.   I have taught children and adults  the joy of making art.

Breeze on my Skin shares the images that I create through photography or mixed media artwork. Sensing the joy in movement and sharing it with others is part of this blog. I search for beauty in life and want to share beauty with others.  I create art; I use dance and movement to celebrate life.

Breeze on my Skin may it bring you joy. May you find joy in your dance of life.

                                                                                                       Mary Lee Eischen -

Photograph by Lori Eschweiler on the Mississippi River in Winona, Minnesota


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