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Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Making Art in a Time of Shift

Dream and Trust Close up

A few months ago, a friend and I were talking about getting some artists together to talk about their art and spur us on with inspiration and support.  It took a bit to gather and we began meeting at my house every 5 weeks or so.  It was inspiring to hear about so many different ways these women were creating.  The group gathering was "Let's Talk Art."

My desire was to motivate myself and give me a nudge when I was feeling unsure or tentative with my fiber/mixed media art.  And it worked.  One piece that I had such angst over came to completion. Then another.

I'm not sure, if I'm on a roll.  I'm very happy when I'm making art.  So I'm going for pleasure in my art making; similar to my movement practice Nia dancing.

Our group is on a pause, due to the need to Stay at Home and two of our members very busy with on-line teaching with their University classes.  We may connect via Zoom. 

I'm very glad to have the sharing of these amazing artists.  It reminds me to ask for a little help from your friends.  See more of what I've been working on in the gallery.


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