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Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Love is in the Air

 February 14 is soon.  I love all the hearts, flowers, chocolates, poetry and sharing.  

Here's a photocopy of an old fashioned Valentine glued on red paper.  I added the black & white checkered paper at the bottom and the cats punched out of the paper on the left side.

This heart is multiple hearts cut of different colors.  The letters for Love, xoxo heart and small striped heart are stickers.

Puppy love--an old fashioned valentine with heart punches.

Water color painted paper with soft heart and love stickers.

Old fashioned valentines courtesy of the Winona History Center. Paper lace doilies added on top two.  The bottom one with a Be Mine heart has a watercolor background.

Two decorated heart Valentines with colored marker and gel pens.

Lots of fun variety, thanks to the generosity of the Minnesota Conservatory for the Arts.  Sharing art all around.

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Art and Love in a Weekend at the Lodge

We had the privilege to celebrate with our niece and her fiance in their wedding on September 12, 2020.  Due to the pandemic, our humongous family could only partially attend in person.  The others got to view and be part on zoom.  My amazing husband, Bob, did all the research to make all of the sound and video work.  I was part of the support team.  I handled the camera video for the zoom live feed.


Camera operator, Mary Lee and sound & zoom amazing facilitator, Bob Stuber at the wedding site at the Lodge near Cable, Wisconsin. Photo credit: Lynda Stuber

                                                          Patty and Greg kissing, in "I do."

                                                             Myla was the wedding dog.

                                Patty and Greg before the festivities.  Happiness was in the air.

                                            Some flamingos decided to join in the festivities.

           The bride, Patty and her Dad, Pete walking her into the ceremony. Photo credit: Lynda Stuber

                                                   Bob and I, Photo credit: Peter Donndelinger

                                                                Wild asters in bloom

Bob working the cables and getting everything set up the day before the event.

                                Games of croquet, and miniature golf were fun for all.

                                    Mary Lee and Kim, my sister-in-law and lodge owner

                                                        Pete, Patty's Dad, Patty and Greg

              Kim and Bill, Aunt and Uncle of Patty, lodge owners and happy participants of the wedding.

 Mini golf--called goofy golf in the Stuber family was getting set up by Kim. Photo credit: Lynda Stuber

                                                            The Boyjos--Patty and Greg, Photo credit: Lynda Stuber

                                                                    Beautiful set up; Photo credit: Lynda Stuber

                                        Greg and Patty at the reception; Photo credit: Lynda Stuber

                          A bit of dessert--pie and cake!  It was a wonderful wedding with love and joy for all. Photo credit: Lynda Stuber




Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Flowers and Valentines for All

The Valentine Holiday is one of my favorites.  My girl friends and I started celebrating when we were going to University.  We didn't have boy friends, so we made the day for us with special dinner, cards, chocolates and lots of laughter.  I still love this holiday so much more than my husband or many of my male friends. 

I think, a day to celebrate "love" is wonderful. Yes, bring it on!

Monday, February 15, 2016

Holiday of Love Valentine's Day 2016

February 14th--it may be my favorite day of the year. 

I appreciate a day dedicated to love. 

In my college days, when a sweetheart or lover was far from my life because I was too busy--my women friends were the sweetness of life.  We wrote each other notes of appreciation and cooked together and danced together and drank wine and contemplated life together.  These women friends were not my lovers; they were lovers of life.  

And we had a very good time together.

I feel glad to have a lover now.  We share many things together.  We have things that we enjoy separately too.  It makes a full life.  This year we celebrated at the Valentine's Bash at the Minnesota Marine Art Museum that was a benefit for the museum and the Great River Shakespeare Festival.  We strolled through the galleries looking at great art; we laughed with friends, ate some good food, and listened to some great music by Elsa Va and the Old Fashions.  

Life is good.

Thanks, Bob Stuber for sharing life with me and creating life as art.


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