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Friday, July 1, 2016

Nia at Scrubs Camp

Winona State University hosted Scrubs Camp for High School students to learn about health, wellness and medicine.  I got the opportunity to introduce students to the exercise and healing practice of Nia.  Nia is a movement practice that involves the dance arts, martial arts and healing arts.  For three days, students could choose to take a Nia class for 50 minutes to get energized for their day.

On Monday, the class was full of young women and men who were trying Nia for the first time.  On Tuesday, several of the male students were back and their counselor invited them to be up front to show every one how to do it.  I took the pressure off the guys by telling everyone, that it was a different routine so all were new to what we were dancing.

In Nia, we use our voice to make sounds of  "Ha" or "Rah" when we kick or make a strike martial arts move.  The guys enjoyed that very well and used their strong voices to get every one energized.

There was lots of laughing with some of the movements.  The students kicked, shimmied, turned, danced, did planks, and moved their bodies.  Nia encourages movement to be done for pleasure and not pain.

Several Nia classes are available in Winona and the area.  Find Nia classes for your own health and well being.   See you on the dance floor!


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