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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Thoughts and Musings in this Time

As I reflect on all the things that I love to do and share, a great realization that many of my posts are about the beauty of people and friends gathering.  I've felt a deep grief for all of these loves of my life needing to do social distancing or being on a pause for a time.  Farmer's Markets, theatres and live performances, getting together with friends, and teaching children in schools are just a few.

I get to have these feelings and I'm learning how to have another way to think about this time: a re- frame my thinking.

Some additional powerful language:

Let's be compassionate with ourselves and one another.  Let's show kindness to all beings.   And when we need to reach out to others for support, go after that support.  Let's trust in ourselves and one another. Let's remind ourselves that this will pass and we'll come out stronger together.


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