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Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Silly Times in the Summertime

 Kinsley peeking under the chair arm with Norris

My silly little friend, Kinsley and her Mom, Abby came over to play with some art and henna hair, yesterday.  Oh and to meet our cats, Norris and Tara. Norris is the more nervous of our kitties.  He was so calm and tolerant of this excited little girl.

Abby took these pictures of us.  Here we had applied the henna to our hair; we put on a plastic bag and a towel over the big mess. We had it wait a bit for the color to apply.  We came over to show Norris.

We had to get Abby in the picture fun with a selfie.

See the strand of henna--orange color in Kinsley's hair?

Norris is under there some where.  

Did you notice there are no pictures of Tara?  Yup, she ran away. Under the couch and then down the stairs into the lower level.  Maybe another time. If you haven't met Tara yet, check out Tara and Norris here.

More art making and fun with Kinsley and Abby in the future.


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