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Tuesday, November 19, 2019

White Belt Training with Winalee Zeeb

Take a step into a deeper relationship with yourself.  Be a sensation scientist for five days.  Go to a Nia White Belt training with Winalee Zeeb.

Nine years ago, I took my first White Belt training with this amazing teacher and trainer.  Winalee teaches with truth and humor and delight.  She is clear and she shares with her whole heart.

We learned 13 Principles in the Nia White Belt.  In Principle 7, we learned about the Planes of Movement and Intensity Levels and how to vary our movement from low, middle or high and change our intensity levels for our own  personal conditioning of our body.  Our learning was not only in lecture format, but moving our body to bring the knowledge in as a somatic practice.

 At the end of the day of intensive training, we got to dance!  Using imagery and fantastic music, we would move our bodies. Winalee guided our imagination to surfing or paddling on a paddle board during one of the songs in the cool down cycle.  And everyone had their own expression of that movement for themselves.

We had friends from the Minneapolis/St Paul come to share and refresh their learning.

Mary Lee, Winalee, and Beth after class on Saturday.

I connected with a new friend, Dawn Bliss!
We danced strength.
 We ate great food to keep our energy strong. 
On the last day, we all took a carousel ride.

Kathie Geiger

Karen Magedanz

The Sista's, Katy Anthony and Jennifer Breitlow

Winalee Zeeb, Trainer and Miranda Gray-Burlingame, Owner Lark Toys

Kathy Gray, Owner Lark Toys

Jacque Paulsen,  Producer

Esther Piszczek and Jacque Paulsen

We each received a white belt, a certificate, and gifts from Winalee

When all was completed, we had graduation and threw our belts into the air in joy.  

The last day, Miranda taught a Nia class inviting Jacque and I to join her in teaching.  Some friends and Winalee from the White Belt training were able to stay and dance along with members of the community including owner, Ron Gray,  It was a magical way to close the day and the training for me.

Mary Lee & Jacque

Join us for a Nia class near you.  Go to the Nia website, click the tab that says classes or trainings to find a class or training near you. 


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