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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Hands are Not for Hitting

At Ridgeway Community School, we used two art classes to work on posters for the Hands are Not for Hitting Poster Contest.  My fourth and fifth grade students were very excited be participate.  We had a discussion about how hands could be used in positive ways.  Here are some ideas that the children came up with.  The care and thoughtfulness of these posters give me hope for the future.

“Hands are for creating. Holding hands; stop them from hurting.  There are many things you rather do with your hand instead of hitting. Use your hands to start up a friendship.  Use your hands wisely.  Use your hands to help the earth: Plant trees.”  Jayla Millen

Jayla won the prize for most colorful poster!  Congratulations, Jayla.

The Winona County Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Council put on the" Hands are not for Hitting" poster and art media contest for students in grades three through twelve.

Prizes will be awarded based on three categories:

  • Most Unique
  • Most Creative
  • Most Colorful

    “Hands are for loving” SF

                                                           “Hands are Not for Hitting. “ AK

 “Hands are for loving. Love, caring, safe, helping, teaching, passionate” BH

"Hands are Not for Hitting" JM

"Stick Together" CE 

“My Hands are not for Hitting.  They are for Loving.  Healthy or Sick; Black or White.  Use your hands respectfully: love, empathy, hold, helpful, useful.  Use hands kindly: knowledge, share, draw, help others, use them.  Love” SB

“My hands are not for hitting.  Yours are not either.  My hands are for drawing, eating, picking stuff up, writing, turning pages in my book.” NW

Mary Lee Eischen teaches art to children Kindergarten through Grade Five at Ridgeway Community School, a small Charter Public School located 10 miles South of Winona, Minnesota.  The children who attend our school are from Winona, La Crescent, Pickwick, Rushford, Houston, Nodine, and other areas surrounding Ridgeway, Minnesota.



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