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Friday, January 17, 2020

Winter Farmers Market in Winona, Minnesota

The land is quiet and  the frozen earth is resting.  But the busy farmers have put up food for us to have even in the coldest of months.

East End Recreational Center, 210 Zumbro St, Winona is home to the Winter Farmers Markets. 
Next market day is Saturday, January 18th, 9am - noon.

These friendly people are helpful with questions and information.

Out on a Limb have delicious apples, carrots, and many other fresh vegies.  Their fresh baked turnovers, cinnamon rolls, and cookies are delicious.

 Whitewater Gardens have delicious vegetables.

Castlerock Bakery has sourdough bread samples to taste.  Come down soon to select some bread.

Bell House Band played some great music to enjoy during your shopping or dining experience on the first market of 2020.

Indian food--delicious and very reasonable prices--by Infuzn.  You can have some and enjoy the music or chat with friends or take it to go and have it at home!  Glutan free choices, vegan and vegetarian options.  And samples to allow you to taste for your palette.

Friends enjoying some delicious food and music and chat at the Farmers Market.

 Renaissance Bread has granola and scones and bread for all.

 Wire art work.

Plants and beauty sold at the Farmer's Market.

Check out more photos and what is available at the Farmer's Market website.

Here are the Winter Market Dates coming soon:

Hope to see you at the Farmers Market soon!  It's a community event.  Everyone welcome.


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