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Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Winter Walking and Hiking


The Ice Park in Winona is quite a beautiful thing to see!

Women and men climb these ice waterfalls using pick axes and special footwear with spikes and harnesses and ropes.  It is quite a thing to watch.  The fellow that heads it up tells me that I could do it--it's just like Yoga, he says.  I think I'll keep my Yoga on the earth not climbing a sheet of ice--though it looks amazing!

Last weekend when I went up to see it, they had turned off the water and he said the the falls were the largest that they have been this season.

Close up frozen vegetation.

Follow the signs--easy path to the ice park.

And if we hike to the top of the ice park here are some views:

This is snowy Sugarloaf.  That can be hiked to as well!

This picture is a little clearer--but the day was over cast. Still great to get out and explore and find wonder.













Dawn and MaryLee, adventure buddies







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