Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Last Prayer Before Sunrise

Last Prayer Before Sunrise is an assemblage and art show by Mai'a Williams at Winona State University currently showing through March 6, 2020. Friday, February 28, 6:00pm, Mai'a will have a performance.  All welcome.

It is amazing art in Winona, Minnesota.

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Printing Making at the Winona Arts Center

The Winona Arts Center, 228 E 5th St, Winona, Minnesota 55987, (507) 453-9959 is open to visit current exhibits on Wednesday  through Friday 3:00pm - 6:00pm.

The Winona Arts Center had a free card making day on February 1, 2020, 11am - 2pm.  Lots of happy smiles with Dirk Nelson making sure that all the cards got on the press straight and many volunteers cleaned plates and worked to allow all the artists of all ages to have a wonderful time.

It was a busy place of making and sharing and smiles.

Mary Coughlan, right, has been a long time advocate for the Winona Arts Center.   Two volunteers wash and dry plates to allow everyone to have a turn to create. It takes lots of dedicated people to create such an amazing place.

 Trish and Willow waiting to create their print cards.

 Watching the process

 Using a brayer

 Lots of careful cutting

 Two cards hanging to dry.

"The Winona Arts Center house an art studio featuring the Riverbed Press.  A Conrad etching press is available for experienced printmakers to use of a nominal fee.  Printmaking classes along with other arts classes are offered for children and adults."  This day was one of the Winona Arts Centers free printmaking day for all ages to experience.

Find out more about the Winona Arts Center see their facebook page or email: WinonaArtsCenter@gmail.com

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Winona Arts Center, Winona, MInnesota

 The Winona Arts Center is located at the corner of 5th and Franklin, 228 E. 5th St, Winona.  Gallery hours are Wednesday through Friday 3:00pm - 6:00pm.

The current exhibit, Not So Long Ago, Not So Far Away, a photography exhibit by Wade Britzius. The exhibit runs January 24 through February 28, 2020. The reception is Friday, February 28th, 6-7pm.  At 7:00pm, the documentary film, Out to Save the World will be shown.  This documentary is about "The Farm," produced 1976 by Wade Britzius, Brian Lee and Stan Pollock.  The film runs 23 minutes in black and white.  A discussion will follow the film.

The Winona Arts Center is raising funds to create a lift to allow all persons of all physical abilities to be able to enter the center and use both levels.  Please consider getting involved with this great Arts Center by becoming a member or sharing your gifts and talents and/or making a donation.

Upcoming films are the following Fridays 7:00pm: February 14 II Postinio; February 28 Out to Save the World; March 6 The Third Wife; March 20 The Sower.  Admission is $5.00 or donation.

 The Winona Arts Center is raising money to build a new vestibule that will include a lift.  This will make the Winona Arts Center accessible to all.

 Here's the place to make the donation for Give the Arts A Lift. You can learn more about the project at this link as well.

Hope to see you at the Winona Arts Center.

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Nia and the Martial Arts Workshop

Saturday, February 8, 2020, 10:30am - noon, Mary Lee Eischen will lead a workshop about Nia and the Martial Arts.  Nia has nine movement forms within the practice.  Three in the Martial Arts, three in the Dance Arts and three in the Healing Arts.

The workshop will be hosted at the Winona Friendship Center with discussion, demonstration, and practice.  A shortened Nia class will be included in the workshop.

Nia has three martial arts movement forms incorporated in the practice.  We’ll learn about the three martial arts in Nia: Tai’ Chi, Tae Kwan Do, and Aikido.  We learn how some movement is mindful and deliberate, some movements move with precision and power, and some create circular, harmonious movement. We’ll bring this learning into a shortened Nia class. No dance experience needed. Everybody welcome

Nia is a pleasure based movement practice.  By listening to one's body, we move with pleasure and move to heal the body when healing is needed.  Through the martial arts we create strength, agility, precision as well as movement that is fluid, mindful, balanced, flowing, peaceful and powerful.

Winona Friendship Center,
251 Main St, Winona, MN 55987

$5.50 members
$8.25 non-members
To register, call (507) 454-5212.

Sign up today and learn more about the moving your body in the joy of movement!

Friday, January 17, 2020

Winter Farmers Market in Winona, Minnesota

The land is quiet and  the frozen earth is resting.  But the busy farmers have put up food for us to have even in the coldest of months.

East End Recreational Center, 210 Zumbro St, Winona is home to the Winter Farmers Markets. 
Next market day is Saturday, January 18th, 9am - noon.

These friendly people are helpful with questions and information.

Out on a Limb have delicious apples, carrots, and many other fresh vegies.  Their fresh baked turnovers, cinnamon rolls, and cookies are delicious.

 Whitewater Gardens have delicious vegetables.

Castlerock Bakery has sourdough bread samples to taste.  Come down soon to select some bread.

Bell House Band played some great music to enjoy during your shopping or dining experience on the first market of 2020.

Indian food--delicious and very reasonable prices--by Infuzn.  You can have some and enjoy the music or chat with friends or take it to go and have it at home!  Glutan free choices, vegan and vegetarian options.  And samples to allow you to taste for your palette.

Friends enjoying some delicious food and music and chat at the Farmers Market.

 Renaissance Bread has granola and scones and bread for all.

 Wire art work.

Plants and beauty sold at the Farmer's Market.

Check out more photos and what is available at the Farmer's Market website.

Here are the Winter Market Dates coming soon:

Hope to see you at the Farmers Market soon!  It's a community event.  Everyone welcome.

Tuesday, December 24, 2019


Its a time of gathering with friends and sharing stories and laughter.  Sometimes I feel too busy to slow down and enjoy.  But people are important too and taking time feeds the spirit.

Mary Lee & Dawn
Sometimes we feel a little shy and need to run upstairs.

 Let's enjoy a pickle or a pickled beet.

 New friends

Getting a bit of petting as one lays under the table may be just the thing.

 Delicious food

 Delicious food makers

 Good friends and fun stories to make us laugh

 Everyone felt welcome



Happy Holidays!


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