Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Winter in my Prairie

There are prairie flowers growing in my yard during the spring, summer and autumn.  Now in the winter, everything is dormant.  We let the plants stand to allow any seeds to be food for birds or small critters.

We have sandy soil in Winona and the Little Bluestem likes that kind of soil. 

Here are some more grasses and Cream Wild Indigo leaves.  They grow in a bush form and flower   with yellow flowers in early spring.

 This is Wild Bergamot. It has light purple flowers when it blooms in later summer.

This is Stiff Goldenrod.  Most of it's seed would have blown away.

The tallest plant to the left is called Giant Yellow Hyssop with the dark brown long seed pods.  The more bushy plant to the right is Brown-Eyed Susan with the rounded brown seed head.  It's flowers are golden yellow in the late autumn.

A close up of an Amorpha Fruiticosa.

This Amorpha Fruiticosa is over six feet tall.

There are a few Common Milkweed plants that grow around our house.  They feed the monarch butterflies.

Two large catalpa trees give some nice shade in the summer.  We have lots of flowers that bloom through the growing season.

Sunny day with interesting clouds gave me the idea to photograph some of the plants in our yard.  I'm so grateful for sun and for the warmth.  The days are getting longer.

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Winter Hikes

During the time between Christmas and New Year's Eve 2018, we had a bit of mild weather and not very much snow in Winona, Minnesota.  That is rather unusual.  We took a hike out to Prairie Island and saw an eagle and a pileated woodpecker. Click on the listen link and you'll hear the call it made as we walked in the woods.

Both birds were flying through the trees at different times during our walk, but a bit too far within the trees to get a good photograph.

These paths through the trees felt magical to walk.

We saw frozen water and some mucky open water.

We came upon some huts that were created with remnants of fires.

I love moving around in nature.

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Minnesota Art Truck

Climb aboard the Minnesota Art Truck  owned and operated by Matt Swenson.  Click on the link to meet Matt Swenson and how he is bringing art to others with his "food for the soul," art truck.

 Here are some pictures of the outside of the art truck.

 Come in and take a look.  Take something home for your living room or for a friend.

Matt Swenson makes robots out of repurposed materials.  You'll find photographs, paintings, jewelry, cards and more in the art truck. Check out the artists featured in the art truck.  See the art onboard.

Here's how you can support artists:
  1. Buy the art they make
  2. Commission original art
  3. Share their art with friends.
It's easy!

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Holidazzle 2018

We caught the last weekend of Holidazzle 2018 in Loring Park, Minneapolis, Minnesota.  It was grand fun!

Here is an image of the fireworks from the Holidazzle website.  We didn't stay for that excitement   but we got to see lots of fun.

 Loring Park is all lit up!

 Ice skating

 A Giant Moose

 A wooden  art structure

 Cute dogs--quite well behaved too.

Lots of sparkling lights

Amaliya and I

Monday, December 17, 2018

Reminders of the Season of Joy

Some things happen in December that are challenging for me to feel glad about such as excess spending, excess eating and drinking.

And then I remind myself to put my attention to things that bring me joy.

This is one: colored lights.  And there is lots of dark to let them shine in the joy.

The Harp Circle preforming at Wesley United Methodist Church.  My friend, Kathie is tucked in on the left side.

Stained glass windows shining--this time it is sun shining in!  And that I am thankful for in December.

Ice skating at levee park.  Look another day of sun!

Eisley, a little snow princess.
She greets me in the early morning and loves making art.

Trees waving their branches.

Find the magic; it is there.  We need to take another look sometimes.

Find the Nia magic on the dance floor of the Friendship Center on Wednesdays 4:00pm or Thursdays at 5:00pm.

Monday, December 10, 2018

Walking Out and About

Moving my body is one of my great passions.  Walking, biking, dancing, paddling and seeing the world in a new way.  I took a walk the other day across the bridge heading out of Winona across the Mississippi River to Aghaming Park, John Latsch Preserve.

The ice bubbles that these rocks formed are quite wonderful.
Here the ice  is breaking up.

The river is still open.

 I was going to explore that little spit of land.

Boathouses on the other bank.

Then I saw two pick up trucks driving fast and had a thought, "I wonder if it is hunting season?"        I decided to get moving out of the park in case I was mistaken for a purple deer.



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