Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Autumn Walks to the River

When the sun is shining on an Autumn day, there is a feeling in my being of great joy.  We've had lots of rain and cloudy weather this year.  I'm still hoping for lots of sun into the change of the season.

                                                            Trees are near the YMCA  

                                Quite happy jack-o-lanterns getting ready for Halloween.
                                            Kicking leaves--a favorite autumn activity.

     A dancer filled with joy? A bird on the wing?  What do you see?

    Headphones to hear a story as I check out all the beauty around the Mississippi River.

                                         Trees showing off all their color before they let go.

Tuesday, November 5, 2019


Some of my earliest art quilts were from the natural world of fern leaves. I created three art quilts for the seasons of Spring, Summer and Autumn. Here are a few still available.

Spring Fern Series
Shield Fern Leaf

Spring Fern Series
Interrupted Fern Leaf

The irregular hand stitching shows on the back that gives an organic quality to the art.

Summer Fern Series
Interrupted Fern Leaf

Summer Fern Series
Lady Fern Leaf

Fall Fern Series
Interrupted Fern Leaf

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Full Moon Shining

In this time of transition of work, I'm reclaiming time in the art studio.  I've just finished up a long term substitute teaching assignment.  I was working in a special education room with three other lovely teachers and many children flowing in and out through the day.

I had small groupings of students and each set had lessons that I gave each day.  Most of the students were third and fourth graders. I went into one student's first grade classroom to give support.

I grew to love those students and the flow of the schedule.  It was mornings Monday through Friday. I had my last day with them a week ago.  Now, each day as a substitute teacher could be in Middle School special education, physical education or teaching English Language Learners--and yes, I did all of those roles last week!

I have to have my agility and flexibility pants pulled on. 

And here's an art quilt  that just went to the Lanesboro Arts Center in Lanesboro, Minnesota.

Acrylic painted on muslin with machine stitching. The paint is metallic and that gives a shine to the art.

 Close up detail

The back of the quilt.

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Artist Date

Take a little time to be oneself to look at art.  It is to refresh and to be inspired. Make time for an Artist Date.  My date included exploring the village of Lanesboro.

 The Lanesboro Arts Center is filled with wonderful art.  A breath of fresh air.

 It's a great place to ride a bicycle or cross country ski.

A few boutiques and places to have a bite to eat.  Lanesboro, Minnesota is a lovely place to explore.

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Water Quilts by Local Artists

The Winona Area Quilters Guild were invited to submit their interpretations of water for the Minnesota Marine Art Museum. This community exhibit is displayed in the Oberton Education Room through January 19, 2020.

Flow, Flow, Flo
Mary Lee Eischen

Sugar Loaf
Mary Nelson

Kathie (Korum) Anderson
Sanibel Island

Coral Reef
Christel Blencoe

 Loon Water
Kathy Seifert

Langmuir Spirals
Sue Mundahl

Connie Dretske

See more of this exhibit as well as the H2Oh Art Quilts show through January 19, 2020 at the Minnesota Marine Art Museum.

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

H2Oh Exhibit at the MMAM

Cottonwood Delta Blues
Jaynie Himsl
Weyburn, Saskatchewan, Canada

The H2Oh art exhibit has traveled around the country arriving in Winona, Minnesota in September 2019 through January 19, 2020.  Check out this exhibit along with all five galleries at the Minnesota Marine Art Museum.

Mountain Stream
Manrianne Williamson
Miami, Florida, USA

Boiling Point
Liz Kuny
Morristown, New Jersey, USA

Prayers Answered
Carol Stocking
Grants Pass, Oregon

 Detail of Prayer's Answered

  Detail of Prayer's Answered

Flow #3
Dianne Firth
Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia

Water Over Sky
Donna June Katz
Chicago, Illinois, USA

Donna was at the opening of the H2Oh exhibit in early September.  I had the opportunity to talk with her about her art quilt.  It is entirely painted with thinned acrylic paints on unbleached muslin fabric. All the fine lines are her painted brush strokes. She hand stitched and machine stitched the layers of the art quilt together. 

Els van Baarle
Dreischor, Zeeland

Memory of Water
Susan Else
Santa Cruz, California, USA

Some one asked if I had a favorite at the show.  Mmmm, so many amazing pieces of art.  How would one choose?  I like so many for so many different reasons.  I think I need to go back to take another look.  Want to join me?  Do you have a favorite?


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