Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Art and Love in a Weekend at the Lodge

We had the privilege to celebrate with our niece and her fiance in their wedding on September 12, 2020.  Due to the pandemic, our humongous family could only partially attend in person.  The others got to view and be part on zoom.  My amazing husband, Bob, did all the research to make all of the sound and video work.  I was part of the support team.  I handled the camera video for the zoom live feed.


Camera operator, Mary Lee and sound & zoom amazing facilitator, Bob Stuber at the wedding site at the Lodge near Cable, Wisconsin. Photo credit: Lynda Stuber

                                                          Patty and Greg kissing, in "I do."

                                                             Myla was the wedding dog.

                                Patty and Greg before the festivities.  Happiness was in the air.

                                            Some flamingos decided to join in the festivities.

           The bride, Patty and her Dad, Pete walking her into the ceremony. Photo credit: Lynda Stuber

                                                   Bob and I, Photo credit: Peter Donndelinger

                                                                Wild asters in bloom

Bob working the cables and getting everything set up the day before the event.

                                Games of croquet, and miniature golf were fun for all.

                                    Mary Lee and Kim, my sister-in-law and lodge owner

                                                        Pete, Patty's Dad, Patty and Greg

              Kim and Bill, Aunt and Uncle of Patty, lodge owners and happy participants of the wedding.

 Mini golf--called goofy golf in the Stuber family was getting set up by Kim. Photo credit: Lynda Stuber

                                                            The Boyjos--Patty and Greg, Photo credit: Lynda Stuber

                                                                    Beautiful set up; Photo credit: Lynda Stuber

                                        Greg and Patty at the reception; Photo credit: Lynda Stuber

                          A bit of dessert--pie and cake!  It was a wonderful wedding with love and joy for all. Photo credit: Lynda Stuber




Friday, July 17, 2020

Quilt Making for Hope

Close up of Aria's Quilt

I'm a quilt maker, a mixed media artist, & Nia dancer.  I love making things with my hands; I love dancing my body to music; I love walking and being outside.  

My newest art was to create two baby quilts for my newest great nieces, Aria and Emery born January 28, 2020.  Their Mom, Jen, contracted COVID 19 at her work as an RN in a hospital in Souix Falls, South Dakota.  I was so concerned for their health and welfare, I decided to create something out of love to help her heal and send love to the babies and her husband and my sister.  This project began around the end of May, 2020.

Here are a few pictures of the journey.

The blocks were cut and laid out in a color way that I liked.  Then they were stitched together with a 1/4" seam.

I have the colored threads laid out choosing which color to use for the machine quilting.

 I'm quilting the three layers together.  The big safety pins hold the three layers together as I stitch.  As I come to the pin, I remove it and stitch forward.

Quilting Emery's quilt--very up close and personal.

 Pinning the binding on Aria's quilt

A view of some of the quilting on Aria's quilt

Stitching on the binding with the even feed foot.

Oh, oh, two rumpuses slipped in when I was not looking to be sure the quilt was going to be just right for Aria.

 Emery Rose' quilt complete
37" x 55"

Labels for the back of the quilts 

Aria's Quilt

Aria Jean's quilt complete
37" x 55"

The back of Emery's quilt with label

Quilt label close up
 A bit of quilting detail, close up

 Aria's Back of Quilt

 Aria's label

Aria's quilting close up

Tara keeping a close eye while I'm photographing.

I machine washed and dried the quilts before I shipped them off to the babies.

Off into the mail they go.  An update on Jen's health: she was a lucky one with a mild case and she is doing well.  The doctors thought that babies probably contracted COVID 19 as well; they showed no symptoms.  My sister, Lori who had been visiting and needed to quarantine there for two weeks did not contract the illness and showed no symptoms.  This was true for Jen's husband, Austin too.  All are healthy.  Deep gratitude for their health.  A box of quilts coming their way creating a couple smiles on arrival, I hope.

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Spring is Bursting into Summer

Flowering trees fill the air with fragrance and delight the eyes

 Bridal Wreath Spirea
A bridal wreath grew near our house when I was growing up in 
Sleepy Eye, Minnesota.  I found this beauty on my walk in 
the neighborhood this spring. It's blooms are overflowing with promise.

 Inside the Iris
It smells like grape.

Such beautiful symmetry inside the flower.

 White bleeding hearts

 Pink bleeding hearts

 Ferns and violets

Clematis coming into their glory in my friend's garden.

Lilacs--one of my favorite fragrances


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