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Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Palm Book--a Little Book to Hold in Your Hands


This little palm book is made with a brown grocery bag, acrylic paint, posca pens--also acrylic, many many quotes to uplift the spirit.  It measures approximately 3.5" X 3".  All the pages are torn and the nature of it is very organic--not exact or precise--and lovely in it's own way.

I've been letting go of some things--mostly thoughts--that don't serve me in positive ways.  This first poem is by Nakela Homer

Things to be grateful for

What left

What stayed

What's on it's way.

Nakela Homer

The next poem is by Maya Angelou

We need joy

as we need air

We need love 

as we need water

We need each other

as we need the earth

we share

Maya Angelou

Back cover

Most of my art has been created with fabric. You may see my art in the Gallery of Breeze on my Skin.  Playing with paints and repurposed materials is very satisfying.  This little palm book was created with the intention to be loving to myself and to keep myself strong by being good to myself.

Robin McClendon is the artist who taught me this technique at a Woman Unleashed Online Solstice Retreat 2022.





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