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Thursday, May 30, 2019

Art Show and Spring Concert at RCS

May is always a busy time and change is in the air.  To add to that excitement, we have an Art Show, Spring Concert and Book Fair all at the beginning of May at Ridgeway Community School. 

    Mixed art by 2nd & 3rd Grade Artists

    Zinnias inspired by artist Clementine Hunter by 4th & 5th grade artists

    Cardinals, turtles, Pete the cats by 1st Grade Artists

     Mixed art by Kindergarten artists

    The song, "Imagine," by John Lennon inspired this art by 2nd and 3rd grade artists.

One song in the Spring Concert had sign language done by three fifth grade students, Kayleigh, Naser and Payton with  them wearing white gloves and a black light illuminated their gestures. Kinders backs in the foreground quite enthralled.

The entrance into the Art and Music room that Jill Rae Ahrens and I share.

    Jill Rae and I after the evening concert.


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