Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Flow to Your True Home

The Brook, The Creek, The River Flow


The water of the brook sings a song of joy as it flows

It has a conversation that only it can understand,

or perhaps a grasshopper at the edge of the brook

can understand

scratching its legs

it seems to nod in agreement to the brook.











The creek tinkles

like bells that a nearby fairy can hear.

The creek dances on the

banks and splashes and plays.


The river moves slowly

continuing toward the sea. It says,

“I am too sleepy to hurry or create such chatter.”

Then it flows down a hill

and starts to pick up speed and finds its


A soft roar at first,

growing more steady as it caresses boulders and rocks.

A chatter of jubilation as it twists and turns

knowing that the sea is its true home.

                                         MaryLee Eischen April 2022

Where is your true home?

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