Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Springtime in Winona


Flowering Tree near the east lake in Winona.

Redbud trees and crabapple trees create lots of color.  The crabapples are also very fragrant.

May 8, Bluffs surround Winona

May 15, Green bluffs surround Winona. A very dramatic change in the landscape!

Midland shooting stars in bloom

Ferns are coming up out of the rich leafy ground cover.

See the dark green at the center of the picture above.  That's some of the fern leaves getting ready to unfold open.  The leaves appear to be creating a circular hug around one another.

The fresh evergreen growth at the tips of the branches are fresh with new life.

The delicate pink of the Midland Shooting Star from another angle.  The colors are so beautiful together.

Ferns and violets growing together.

The invitation to hike the Holzinger Lodge Trails.  Join us sometime!

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