Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Pilates--Why is this Movement Form So Helpful?









Pilates is a somatic practice--that means we use the mind to direct  movements.  And with the Pilates, breath is connected with the movements to increase the effectiveness.  The Pilates that I teach is called mat Pilates.  No machines are used; we use our own bodies to create the resistance and to build the strength. The materials are a Yoga or Pilates mat and comfortable clothing to move--even fancy gym clothing is optional.

 The key areas of the body that are focused on in Pilates are the back, the legs, the arms and the abdomen. Stretching is used between exercises.

Lengthening the muscles by alternating the extending leg as shown in the photo above is another benefit of Pilates--lengthening and strengthening.

Some people have concerns that they have low back pain.  Is Pilates helpful for low back pain? The answer is yes!  All moves can be modified to individual needs.  If the low back is engaged in a movement and the participant is feeling pain--the instructor gives variation to the moves to allow movement with no pain.  And in time, the student strengthens the back and has more movement in the low back.  Through strengthening the core, we have more ease in multiple parts of our body.

Child's pose is a beautiful stretch for the lower back that is borrowed from Yoga.

Find out more about Pilates by joining a class:

Pilates for Everyone, Section 3

Next session of classes beginning 

Wednesday, April 6, 2022 - May 4, 2022

6:15pm - 7:00pm

WK Gymnasium, 365 Mankato Ave, Winona, MN 55987

$36.00 for 5 classes

Mat Pilates builds core strength in the back, abdomen, legs and arms.  It works to support the whole body with balance.  Pilates connects body and mind with the breath to make the movement focused and pleasurable. Bring a Yoga or Pilates mat, and water bottle. Wear clothing to move with ease.  Instructor modifies for different body needs. Women and men are welcome.

Parking is available on Mankato Avenue, enter through middle doors; gym is located straight ahead.  Caution for COVID 19 is taken very seriously.  We encourage people to wear a mask when entering and getting set up on their mat.  Masks may be removed when exercising.  The room is large with high ceilings.  An air purification machine is located in the room.

More Information and to Register for Pilates for Everyone, Section 3


A resource book, The Pilates Body by Brooke Siler gives good information about the various exercises.

If you have questions, please email MaryLee: mleischen@gmail.com

Look forward to seeing you in class!


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