Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Visions of New Homes and Businesses for 2022

 321 Blast off 




One person talked of her excitement to live in her new home.  The number is 321--she says it's 321 Blast Off!  Her images are hearts and flowers and dogs and monkeys.  She loves the saying, "Outside the Box."

Another person loves nature and getting out to see natural beauty.  Her vision board is filled with images that have Earth hope.  "A Different View" was one of her sayings, along with "A Path to Wonder, Broaden your Horizons, It's about Making Every Moment Count."  She is a Yogi and put that image on.  She mentioned that her job can be stressful; she balances her life with things that fill her up.



One person decided to create four vision boards for the parts of her life that are special to her: family, friends, and more.  She took her big board and cut it into four equal sections this the ginormous paper cutter in the Art Room.  I helped her hold the board steady.  Then she began looking through images that she brought and others in the room.  She had a few photos that she wanted to add from home and that led her to place things but not commit to the gluing.  She took a photograph of the ideas that she created, for ease to come back the next time to continue.  She took all of her things home in an envelop.

When we talked the next day, she said that more ideas were coming and she was glad to still have her little vision boards in progress.  I hope I get to see her finished vision boards one day in the future.


This vision board is started with a huge watercolor butterfly and a fabric flower in the lower right hand corner.  She added the Sun--from the Sun Magazine.  Other words, she used were "growing, green, piece by piece, hidden power, give thanks, living good," and more.

This person wanted to come with her sister to create visions for a business that they are working on.  Unfortunately, her sister's children were sick and she could not attend.  


This vision board is filled with images/fabrics that represent water and honoring water.  The river of blue strike fabric runs  diagonal on her board with a tiny strip of blue fabric very wavy representing rivers running over the map.  This project involves water and nature with flowers and bees and trees. Some of her cutting was jagged to give it a wild and raw quality. 

Everyone had an idea or a vision of what would make their life more full.  We started this workshop with a guided visualization meditation to bring our attention to our bodies to relax and calm.  Then we were ready to bring all our thoughts and words and images together to create.  It was a fun evening of making.

Watch for more workshops through the Winona Arts Center in the future.  There are ongoing Pilates Classes happening through Community Education  Fitness and Wellness called Pilates for Everyone. 

Pilates for Everyone Section 2 starts  February 16 - March 30

Pilates for Everyone Section 3 starts April 6 - May 4

Pilates for Everyone Section 4 starts May 11 - June 8

Check those out as well. We'd love to have you attend!

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