Tuesday, March 22, 2022

River Hike

 Oh, Spring is here and it's time to get outside!

Walking from downtown Winona, one can walk across the bridge--good path for walkers or bikers. And travel to Prairie Island beach. Walking across the wagon bridge is fun.  You may see a pigeon!

My friend, Dawn and I were hiking there this past weekend because the trails on the bluffs were too muddy and off limits this weekend.

We were snapping pictures and a friendly bicycler took pictures of us!

MaryLee & Dawn and the tip of a bike wheel!

We got warmed up out of the wind and in the sun!

The path was quite dry. The shadows created interesting lines.

See the small black dots in the tops of the trees?  Red-wing blackbirds singing in the Spring!


Some interesting shapes in these downed trees and the Wagon Bridge in the distance.

Do you see the tiny bit of green in the center of the leaf floor?  

It's coming.  

Waking up!

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