Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Creating Radiance in your Life

Have you ever thought about energy in your body and how sometimes that energy feels good and other times not so much?  I've been curious about this with my creative practice.  


Here's a spiral of Emotions with the uplifting ones creating more energy at the top and the debilitating ones at the bottom.

Empowerment, Knowledge, Freedom

Appreciation                        Love Joy

Enthusiasm                          Passion

Belief                                   Positive Expectation 

Hopefulness                         Contentment

Boredom                               Pessimism

Frustration, Irritation

                     Impatience       Overwhelm

Disappointment                    Doubt

Worry                                    Blame

Discouragement                    Anger

Revenge                                Hatred, Rage

Jealousy                                 Insecurity, Guild, Unworthiness 

Creativity is not based on our emotions--though our emotions can affect how we feel and if we want to create.  We  have power over our emotions and can change our emotions. 

There are some situations that people can not change their emotions such as people suffering from depression or mental illness.  In those cases more support from professionals is the recommendation.

I created some cards to remind me of all the juicy good in my life. And to remind me when I need to raise my energy.

This card is about the body and my word is dance.

"Listen to your body, to the liquid gold running through your veins.

You are powerful.

You are beautiful.

Know your body loves to move 

and to dance.

You are strong."



This card is about mind and my word is write.

Write your story. Write about the highest heights.

Write about the tiny shreds

Write about the cloudy times

Write in the clear sun shining times

Write about mountain top times

Write about clear lake stillness

Write all of You.

This card is about emotions.  My word is play.

Go on the Joy Street 

of your life

be on it and find it every where!

Play with silly shoes.

Play with cloth blowing on the breeze

of the ocean shore!

Play with dancing 

with a hat on your head.

Ride the bicycle of fun



to the fullest exultation!

This card is Spirit.  And candle light

"Connect with me:

Always and in all ways.

Candle light

Twinkle lights


Smile on your face

Smile on another

Soft eyes

Warm heart

Remember liquid gold light shines

in your every cell of your body.

Materials: 140 lb watercolor paper cut to the size of 5.5" x 7"

                  Magazine images and words


 After I created the card, I looked at it and asked, "What would my Wise Woman tell me?"  Then I wrote down the words in a notebook.  I underlined the words that resonated the most clear for me and wrote them on the back of the card.

The beginning of more creating.

Join me in the fun, if you like.






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