Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Mississippi Musing


This art quilt started with the inspiration of a little kit called Minnesota by MAD for Wool.  I changed a couple of things--added some borders and had fun playing with lovely things about Minnesota.  My quilt's finished size is 21.5" x 32". I added fabric of morning glory's with hummingbirds  to the top and bottom borders.









This close up for Minnesota has stitching on it in the shape of a question mark that represents the Mississippi River that starts in Itaska winds to Minneapolis and down the border of Minnesota and Wisconsin and through Winona.

Here are some of the details that I love:

"Sky Blue Waters" is a Minnesota saying.  I painted the sky in the quilt with acrylic paints.

On the left border, "Land of 10,000 Lakes" is one saying about all of the beautiful water in Minnesota.

And on the right border is embroidered "North Star State."

The bottom border reads "All Creatures Growing Harmony," it's a hope for all creatures large and small in this land and on this Earth to live in harmony.

On the back I added a hanging devise to easily hang in on the wall with a small nail.  On the left is a pocket.

Here's close up of the pocket.  In the pocket is a poem, titled the same of the quilt.

Minnesota Musings

Minnesota musings

an art quilt for you

of dreams,

hopes, nature,

hiking, good conversation,

friendship, books, coffee, love

a star marks Winona

a loon, Minnesota’s state bird,

bees, butterflies, nesting birds

dreams for tomorrow

the embroidered borders give voice

Minnesota’s glory

Sky Blue Waters

10,000 Lakes

North Star State

All Creatures Growing Harmony

to give hope, love, peace to you, dear friend.

MaryLee Eischen 2022 


I stitched on some small buttons.













I'm stitching on the blue bird of happiness on her nest.


In the circle above Sugarloaf reads 'joy'.


A star marks Winona, the bird swimming is our state bird, the loon. And the clock above the loon represents that there is always time to hike--"no bad weather, just bad gear." That's what we say to each other all the time, and laugh.

If you'd like to make a Minnesota quilt, get in touch with the creators.  Find them on facebook  MAD for Wool.

You can also get in touch with them via email: ladyduck@charter.net







Close up for the machine drawing around the hummingbird.













I signed it. 

And it got delivered to the happy friend on Christmas morning.


Dawn and Billy

Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Bring a Little Cheer On December 10


Card from Inge


A day of great celebration for me happened on December 10, my birthday.  Here are a few of the joy filled cards that came to me.

Card from Latifa

Card from Pete




 Card made by Dawn













A goat saying, "Happy Birthday," from Bob.












Card from Lyn 



 Card from my sister, Joan 


Card from my sister-in-law, Ruth













Card from my BFF Kim

And a beautiful new Yoga mat from my daughter, Amaliya and her sweetie, Luis.



My honey, Bob baked me a delicious birthday cake and sang to me.

I am over the moon grateful for the gifts of love, connection, hope from my family and friends.  Thank you all for being in my life.

Monday, December 5, 2022

Anne George: Proximities











The current exhibit at the Watkins Gallery on the Winona State University Campus is called Proximities created by Anne George. She gave a talk at the gallery last Wednesday, 11/30/2022.  I was intrigued with her interest in this textile discovery that she made during COVID.  She sits on the floor and puts the colorful yarn around her and chooses colors as she goes.  She punches the yarn through from the back side requiring her to turn the frame often to look at the front of her art.


George talking with a student about her work.

Students discussing the art.

She adds words to some of her art.

Interesting texture is created through the use of the the yarn colors chosen.

Ann George, Contingencies. yarn, fabric, wood, 
25" x 55" x 11", 2022

The exhibition, Proximities, includes a range of of fiber-based works as well as sculpture. George's practice makes use of a wide range of materials, embracing different artistic gestures and histories. 

Anne George






November 16th–December 9th


The Watkins Gallery is located 225 W King St, Winona, MN 55987. Gallery hours are is open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 9am - 4pm. On Wednesdays the gallery is open from 9am - 8pm.
Free to the public.  All are welcome 

Saturday, December 3, 2022

Blooming Underground

 On 11/11/2022, Mai'a Williams preformed Blooming Underground at the Winona Arts Center.

 Mai'a shared writing, video and installation about feelings of isolation felt everywhere by the  Pandemic that ravaged the world.  She created a space to herself and others to be with the feelings of so much devastation and loss of lives, fear, and terror.  Through her words, video and installation, she allowed us to rest in being together on a very cold evening of 11/11/2022.

She created this evening with her voice and with video that was filmed in Costa Rica, South Carolina and Winona, Minnesota.

She shared stories of her grandmother.

The videos were of mystery and beauty.

Mai'a created the installations around the room.  Here are a few pictures.

Mai'a talking with her daughter, Theresa and friends.

The Winona Arts Center is celebrating 60 years of performance, films, and visual arts.  Find more of what's happening at the Winona Arts Center. The Winona Arts Center is located at 228 E 5th St, Winona, MN 55987, USA

Find out more about Mai'a Williams and books that she has written.


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