Saturday, December 3, 2022

Blooming Underground

 On 11/11/2022, Mai'a Williams preformed Blooming Underground at the Winona Arts Center.

 Mai'a shared writing, video and installation about feelings of isolation felt everywhere by the  Pandemic that ravaged the world.  She created a space to herself and others to be with the feelings of so much devastation and loss of lives, fear, and terror.  Through her words, video and installation, she allowed us to rest in being together on a very cold evening of 11/11/2022.

She created this evening with her voice and with video that was filmed in Costa Rica, South Carolina and Winona, Minnesota.

She shared stories of her grandmother.

The videos were of mystery and beauty.

Mai'a created the installations around the room.  Here are a few pictures.

Mai'a talking with her daughter, Theresa and friends.

The Winona Arts Center is celebrating 60 years of performance, films, and visual arts.  Find more of what's happening at the Winona Arts Center. The Winona Arts Center is located at 228 E 5th St, Winona, MN 55987, USA

Find out more about Mai'a Williams and books that she has written.

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