Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Sleeping Kitty & Miniature Pillow

 The 4th & 5th grade students stitched a sleeping cat with a little pillow.  The cats are made of felt. The pillow is woven cloth.

They gave their cat a name and wrote it on a name plate with their name.

 Focused stitchers, Naser, Payton, and Cooper, 5th graders.

   A basket and a box of sleeping cat supplies.

 The beginning with some faces and tails stitched on and eyes colored in with fabric markers.

 Hunter, Kole and Elijah stuffing their cats.

Kole and Lanie stitching.

                     Kayla, 4th grader stitching.  Lots of good focus on this creating.  It was lots of fun!

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