Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Love is in the Air

 February 14 is soon.  I love all the hearts, flowers, chocolates, poetry and sharing.  

Here's a photocopy of an old fashioned Valentine glued on red paper.  I added the black & white checkered paper at the bottom and the cats punched out of the paper on the left side.

This heart is multiple hearts cut of different colors.  The letters for Love, xoxo heart and small striped heart are stickers.

Puppy love--an old fashioned valentine with heart punches.

Water color painted paper with soft heart and love stickers.

Old fashioned valentines courtesy of the Winona History Center. Paper lace doilies added on top two.  The bottom one with a Be Mine heart has a watercolor background.

Two decorated heart Valentines with colored marker and gel pens.

Lots of fun variety, thanks to the generosity of the Minnesota Conservatory for the Arts.  Sharing art all around.

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