Wednesday, October 5, 2022

First Look Preview Party: Water Stories

On Friday, September 30, 2022, the Minnesota Marine Art Museum, MMAM in Winona, Minnesota had a preview night of a new show opening October 1st by Anne Labovitz.












The evening offered  Artist Inspired Spirited and Spirit free beverages provided by the Boathouse and Green Tea Tastings by Curiosi-Tea.










Anne Labovitz had a fascinating talk about art connecting with culture from around the world.  The audience was a reflection of her multicultural welcome—all races, all genders, all peoples.  She talked about art that was using Tyvek, a material used to insulate building by wrapping and the challenges to get paint to adhere to this imperious material.    













Her art is located in two of the galleries at MMAM.  Large abstract painting of the reflections of water and in the 2nd gallery is a huge tent/fort—that’s what we called it as kids.  You could walk inside.  It is anchored from above and allows movement like water to create interest along with the massive size of the art.. 














Erin Drummond

A fascinating performance, Atmospheric Intonations, followed the artist’s talk with music by Liz Pearse that Erin Drummond danced.





Liz Pearson, musician and Scott Pollock, Executive Director of Minnesota Marine Art Museum. Dr Bob was the DJ for the rest of the evening.



















I had to check out the inside of the art. 











Acknowledgements for the land and peoples that the MMAM is located on.











Gratitude for the many people, sponsors, and groups that helped make this event possible.  It was a wonderful evening.

Find out more about MMAM


Many more events coming including the Fall Seasonal Saturday at the MMAM on November 12, 2022.


See you next time at the Minnesota Marine Art Museum.







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