Monday, August 22, 2022

Suminagashi Scape



I took a short hike to get warmed up to make some art in the woods.  Suminagashi is an ancient Japanese marbling  art that originated in the 12th century or perhaps earlier.  This art form has been used in bookmaking, official documents and is an art form that when done mindfully has a meditative quality.

I received this kit of supplies from Dawn Tevis. SuminagashiScape is the website that Dawn developed that includes upcoming events.

The path that I took.  And crossed a tiny spring.

The dappled light was wonderful to do forest bathing--a term for walking in the trees and taking in the energy of the land.

The picnic table is filled with supplies and papers and cloth that had been marbled.

A happy artist creating.

This is a piece of linen cloth.

I love how this looks like topography of the bluff lands of Southeast Minnesota.

This cloth I may have removed too quickly that no dye adhered to a portion of it.  Lots of experiments to do and play with.



I like how this one, above, became very dark.



This one is light.  The blue starred patch beside the table is a cloth of fabric that I mended my shorts.

One of these looks like part of a tree log.

This looks like there are swirls of smoke.

It's a fun process to play and enjoy the process. Maybe some of this will come into some of my artwork.  Hmmm, we'll see what unfolds.

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