Sunday, January 16, 2022

Vision Boards What Makes Magic?

When we get clear about what we want and where we're going, life begins to feel a little bit lighter. And it feels like lots of fun!

Playing with color and images and words can uplift your feelings and bring hope.











Here are some fun words: 

Action, the Art of Doing




Yeah, no

I got you

Calling all Angels









Color of all sorts lights a person up. Flowers are very wonderful--and when no flowers bloom in this northern winter of Minnesota?  Bring out the images, the fabrics, the paints; the things that can light us up.

Be still and know


Art Every Day 

Plant Lady,


And where does one get all of the images?  Hmmm, magazines are a good start; wrappers from candy like single "dove" chocolate, tea bags, tags from clothing, paper napkins.  

Come to the workshop:

Creating a Vision Board 2022 and all the materials are there to play and make!  Give yourself the gift of a couple hours to create.

Creating a Vision Board for 2022

Thursday, January 20, 2022


Winona Senior High Art Room 158

901 Gilmore Ave, Winona, MN 55987, USA

In this workshop students will create a collage of hopes and dreams for 2022 with pictures and words.  A guided visualization will bring participants into relaxation to connect with their body and stir their imagination. A plethora of images and words will be available to cut or tear and arranged on their board. Suggestions for 2022 words will be supplied for inspiration, fun, and hope!  The instructor will bring examples, provide materials and guide the making for a fun evening of creating our visions for 2022.

Cost: $36.00

Materials fee: $10.00 paid directly to instructor

Participants are welcome to bring images from magazines, fabric, newspapers, or other repurposed materials and a favorite scissors.  The instructor will bring all additional materials.

Here's the easy link to sign up

Creating a Vision Board 2022

See you Thursday evening! 








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