Thursday, January 6, 2022

Happy New Year and Visions for 2022

 2022 A new year of possibilities and hopes.  Some people make resolutions for big change in their lives.  Others say, "Nah," to that idea.  Another novel idea is to be kind to oneself with a dream of how life may be better, more full, loving, good.

This year, the Winona Arts Center is offering a workshop to open our thinking for brighter times with creating a Vision Board.  "What's a Vision Board," you ask?  










Elizabeth Foley vision board

In this workshop we will create a collage of our hopes and dreams for this year of 2022. A collage is a group of pictures and words put together in a pleasing way.  

We’ll begin the workshop with a guided visualization to bring us into relaxation, connect us with our body and stir our imaginations into making.

We’ll have the opportunity to create our own images and designs with paper and with stitching. We'll cut and tear, stitch and stamp.  Images, words and phrases will be available to use for our creating.  We apply our words and images to a board that the instructor provides.

The instructor will bring examples, provide materials and guide the making for a fun afternoon of creating our visions for 2022.

It'll be a couple of hours of fun, creativity and hope!

Saturday, January 8th 


Winona Arts Center, 228 East 5th St, Winona


Email instructor to register:

See my 2021 & 2019 Vision Boards



Join us!

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