Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Hope and Gratitude


Remember the warmth of a wood fire

to warm you deep into your core of being.

Remember the sun that give you warmth and nourishes plants to grow

and give you breath.

Remember the sweet air in the woods, on the mountains,

on your sheets drying on the line.

Remember the gardens in your back and side yards

that gave you so much joy in the growing, the watering,

and the food nourishing you.

Remember your nourished body--you

choosing the delicious food to give pleasure and sustenance.

Remember each moment is a choice

to live, to grow, to be, to dance, to create, to know gratitude,

to feel sorrow, to live your whole amazing life.

My poem is inspired by Joy Harpo called "Remember."

The quilt image above is called, Know Life with a quote 

"The way to Know Life is to  Love many things." Van Gogh



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