Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Industrious Octopus

I decided to make this little sweet stitchery for my friend, June.




I bought this little stitchery/embroidery kit from Jovy Rockey Gallery and Studio in December.  


Here's the octopus embroidered with a bit of the red thread started.  This kit is from Hook, Line and Tinker from Nova Scotia.


 Let's take a peek at the back:



Next I decided to add a red and blue border. I finished the red border on December 22, 2020.



I trimmed off the extra red bits and then sewed on the blue border.

 I decided on the final size and sewed the batting and backing on the little quilt.  I decided to added some machine quilting too.  Here's the finished piece, front and back.



My friend was delighted at the whimsy and the fun of this little piece.

Jovy's gallery is closed for the month of January. Jovy Rockey Jewelry is available for online orders. Watch for her gallery reopening in February with more to delight the eye and fill your world with joy and wonder.



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