Tuesday, January 5, 2021

2021 Vision Board





















A new year, 2021, what is coming?  What is hoped?  Or desired?  On many January firsts of previous years, I've joined with friends to bring images and words together to bring our visions of the new year into fruition.  We'd share pictures from magazines and words we would cut out to collage some of our hopes and dreams. My word for this year is Freedom. It feels full of energy; though I'm not sure what it means yet.

Here are some things that I'm imagining and hoping for 2021.

Tundra swans rest in the back waters of the Mississippi River.  They feed and rest and chat with one another.  Their sounds are very loud.  This happens in November; then they take flight to their warmer climates south of Southeast Minnesota.  What will they discover?  What is on our paths to discover?












I image more peaceful times.  I imagine people of all colors being respected and listened to.  I'm learning and reading and becoming an ally to all people.

Everything flowers from within

But sometimes it is necessary to reteach a thing it's loveliness

tell it in words and in touch

It Is Lovely

Until it Flowers again.

Be a star, too

along with a friend, a listener, a peacemaker, a creative, a dancer, a maker.












No matter, where

we come from,

we can walk together in hope.

No matter what we believe,

we can share one dream of peace.

No matter who we are

we can be one in the spirit of love.








The Courage to Change











 I Am Powerful










Let's talk about Race, and water, and life. 

Here's to 2021.

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