Friday, August 22, 2014

Domestic Goddess Apron

The Domestic Goddess Apron is a pattern created by Amy Butler.  I decided to make one for my friend Kendra.  She's playing with cooking lately and I wanted to surprise her, when I visited last weekend!

I recycled some fabric that had been curtains that covered a bookcase in my classroom a few years ago.  I loved that bright colors of the Kaffe Fassett fabric.  And then I found the pattern at an estate sale and an idea was hatched to make this apron.

 Here I've laid out the pocket lining.  I used some interesting contrasting fabric for the ties and the waste band.

Because I didn't have enough length with the contrasting fabric, I added another for interest and pieced them.  All those skills as a quilter were working for me.

The words Joy, Strength, Peace, Love, Bliss, Hope were selected to  read on the pockets.  

The directions for creating the apron are quite straight forward.  I changed adding the top bodice by leaving the waistband open on the top.   Then I stitched one side of the band right side together with the top bodice.  Then I sewed all layers together allowing no raw edges to show in the inside of the apron.  

When following the directions, here are my changes:  On step 9 leave the top seam open the length of the bodice.  On step 13, sew the bodice to right side waistband--only the front.  When that is sewn, sew waistband front, bodice and lining together right sides together.

Kendra modeling her Domestic Goddess Apron.  She ready to cook up something good!

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