Sunday, January 6, 2013

A New Year for Quilts

Quilts by Mary Lee Eischen

The Winona Senior Friendship Center located at 251 Main Street has a current exhibit of quilts by Mary Lee Eischen.  The art quilts range in styles from traditional pieced fabrics to mixed media works that include photographs and text transferred to fabric.  Some of the artwork has fabric that is painted or dyed.  All include a top fabric, middle batting and a back fabric held together with stitching.  

Quilting is an American art form that has grown in world acclaim.  It has historically drawn women together over quilting frames to share their joys and their sorrows; and quilts have held families warm through the coldest times of winter. Contemporary art quilts share the beauty of traditional quilts and add modern elements with the changing climate of society. Today, men share in the acclaim of art quilters.

Town Square of Nines 51.5 x 51.5 October 2001 Machine pieced and quilted

Here’s a portion of Mary Lee’s artist statement:

            “Working with art and creating ease and flow in my life is very important to me.  Sharing my life with people is also very important to me. Creating art to make colors sing and resonant together is one way I share my impressions of the world with other people.  I use themes from nature, as well as patterns that excite me in my artwork.  Circles, spirals, triangles repeat often in my work.  I like the energetic emotion of color.  I want to share with others in the creation of artwork and the sharing of ideas to find our degrees of connectedness.”

  Pieces of Life 29” x 51” Hand dyed cotton, silk dupione, commercial cottons, machine pieced,  free  motion quilting, September 2005 

Mary Lee's quilts will be on display through the month of January 2013.
Visit the Winona Senior Friendship Center Monday through Friday 7:30am – 4:30pm

For more information call (507) 454-5212


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