Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Jenny Lind Bakery




Our friend, Ruth Raich runs Jenny Lind Bakery that you can find in cafes and locals around Redwing, Minnesota.  She also sells bakery on the first and third Saturday, 10am - 1pm at her peaceful farm.



Here's the amazing baker, Ruth Raich in her bakery.

Earlier in July, my friend, June and I made a trip to get some deliciousness before going to the Stockholm Art Fair.



MaryLee and June are laughing at a fun joke in the bakery of delights!



After the fun in the bakery, June got a photo of Ruth and Mary Lee near the silo.



The chickens know where the treats are located and came running up for a bit for themselves!

Come get the bread, scones, cardamon rolls, and more!  Don't let the chickens beat you to it.





Jenny Lind Bakery

W12304 Rundquist Lane

Stockholm, WI 54769

(651) 301-1095


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