Monday, November 29, 2021

Autumn Skies in Minnesota


The autumn skies in November are the most amazing 

blue.  The dry air and the slant of the sun create the intense color.  

This is overlooking Winona. We have two lakes that you can see 

in this picture. The triangle in the foreground is a 

shadow of the bluff.  This is a late afternoon photo.  In the distance, 

past the large white buildings is the Mississippi River.

The clouds in this sky picture are very interesting.  

The is Sugarloaf in Winona.

The tree branches and the clouds echo one another.

This is looking West up river.  In Winona, the Mississippi River 

takes a bend and runs East/West instead of its normal 

direction of North/South.

I am grateful for this beauty.

The sandstone is eroding away.  

See you next time!

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