Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Art in the Time of Covid

 A new show is on exhibit at the Winona Arts Center, 228 E. 5th St, Winona, Minnesota,

Art in the Time of COVID











Hand quilted

Notice the tiny blanket stitch on the binding of this beautiful quilt.










These beautiful artworks grace the front wall by Janice Crabb, Julie Johnston, Rev. Jim Riley, Seho Parks, Carol Slade and Wade Britzius and books on pedestal by Margaret Kiihne.













This is a full photo of Janice Crabb's Bathroom Curtain of knitted cotton.











Dick Brown, "The Struggle"

wood, nails, acorn caps 

Joan McNeil

Sherman Rescued and Adopted during COVID

pen, colored pencil

 Joan told me the story of how her daughter and husband had lost their dear dog at the beginning of COVID.  They searched and searched until they found Sherman.  A true love story.










Mary Farrell got of picture of Jamie Washburn, Dawn Washburn and MaryLee looking at Margaret Kiihne's amazing books of her art journey during COVID. 













Margarita Baumann

Farbenfreude (Color Joy)

sock yarn remnants

66" x 43" (368 - 2.5" squares)  

Jean Lauer

Questioning Everything

acrylic painting

Ian Hanesworth

Water is Sacred


Kay Everson



Steve Schild

Ekphrasis: From the News


This is only a portion of the art in the thought provoking show. There are 74 works including 2-dimensional, 3-dimensional works and poems.  

Come take a look:

Gallery hours  Wednesdays 4-7pm, Saturdays and Sundays 1-4pm.

Masks are required.  The Winona Arts Center, WAC has updated its Covid-19 protocol. Masks will be required, as well as proof of vaccination or a negative test result within 72 hours for anyone attending films, concerts, exhibit openings, or special events. Please see the attached press release for further details and information.




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