Friday, July 30, 2021

Saturdays in Winona


Farmer's Market located at Levee Park is a vibrant way to start off your Saturday morning with coffee or chai, bakery, vegies, flowers, meats, and more.  Meet up with friends and family for lots of smiles.

This woman is sporting a very fun bag.  Earlier this spring, masks were worn at Farmer's Market.  Now that the CDC has lifted some of the restrictions for mask wearing for those who have been fully vaccinated, masks are not required.

Tove, a friendly person who answers your questions.  She is one of the Farmer's Market coordinators.

A bit of picnic and frocking before Jamie heads to work.

A wonderful cafe restaurant in downtown Winona

Delicious coffee, gelato, pastries, sandwiches and pasta.  Join us for the fun at Cafe Sapori de Sicilia

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