Tuesday, June 8, 2021

River Walks to Raise the Energy with Joy


The sun is setting on the Mississippi River near my home.  I walk through the neighborhoods to see and  smell the water, the plants and the animals that make their home here.








The sky and clouds change the color of the river.








Pure blue sky makes pure blue river.








I see cloud reflections on the water.  Are they clouds making a happy dance on the water?








The vastness of the sky makes our land feel small.  Is the vastness inside of us?

This Rumi poem intrigues me:

"You are not a drop in the ocean, you are the entire ocean in a drop." 


And though living near the Mississippi River is not the ocean, it is a vast and mighty river that is home to many.  Maybe we are not a drop in the river, we are the entire river in a drop.

Enjoy exploring your neighborhoods.  What will you find?  Can we raise the energy of joy with our eyes, ears, noses, minds wide open?  I want to try.




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